GYCO Academy - Board of Directors

GYCO Academy - Board of Directors

Louise Deininger
Founder and President
Raimund Deininger
Dr Dieter Volc
Chairman of the board
Edward Otika
Secretary to the Board
Otim Isaac Jonathan
Board Legal Advisor
Dr. Ruby Sircar
Lead Research Art & Education

GYCO Academy - Austria Team

Louise Deininger
Founder and President
Raimund Deininger
Board Member
Walter Abel
Carmel-Lee Paul
Deputy Treasurer / GYCO Lead International Coach
Dr Sabine Williams
Head of Communications
Aracely Villalobos
Project Manager
Dr Dieter Volc
Secretary to the board
Country Director - Global Youth Conference Academy

Global Youth Conference Academy

Do I like working with the youth? that would be an understatement; I love it. Starting as a trainee of goal setting and self-development all the way to management has even inspired me the more. Northern Ugandan Youth are endowed with immense hidden potential. GYCO Academy has identified the need to unlock this hidden potential by working on their mindsets to achieve self-esteem, self-development and economic independence. Due to the war that struck the region for over two decades, the young adults were affected either directly or indirectly. The post-war generation are unaware of how to deal with this predicament which has led to low self-esteem and hopelessness among the young people.

GYCO Academy acknowledges the need to first work on the minds of these young people by educating them about the benefits of positive mindset. This is done together with goal setting, personal branding and talent exploration. GYCO Academy has registered tremendous success since inception where many youths have become positive thinkers, young entrepreneurs and super talented in their different fields. In a bid to empower the ladies, we have come up with a girls’ soccer club where over 50 talented young girls play football as a means of exploring their potential and becoming economically independent. I urge all the youth to take time and go through our goal setting sessions at the GYCO Academy office to understand and bring out the best version of themselves. At GYCO Academy, We Motivate, Inspire and Transform.

GYCO Academy - Gulu Staff

Alwii Thomas Vava
Talent and Art Manager
Edward Otika
Country Director and Farm Manager
Aol Agness Dominique
Training Assistant
Asuman Mohammed
Assistant Head Coach
Akello Brenda
Administrative assistant
Angwec Juliet
Otim Francis
Programme Manager
Rasik Kenneth Kothari
GYCO Girls Soccer Club PRO
Anena Sharon Ajura
Administration Director
Communication Manager
Ojok Simon Peter
Visual Art Trainer
Omony Chris

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