GYCO Academy - Board of Directors

Success Stories

Sharon Anena Ajura

Administration Manager - GYCO
My name is Sharon Anena Ajura, the GYCO Administrative Director, a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

It has been 7 months since I last focused on expanding my business and not just on earning a bit of money to keep me going. I started my own brand in 2016 when I was laid off from my volunteer position. At that time, I had no skills or even the know-how to cut clothes, re-brand or even customize, but I did have ideas. I decided to outsource the work to a friend of mine, who is also into fashion. She would develop the designs for me and also add her own designs. It was good teamwork and enabled me to learn more about fashion. She encouraged me to start something on my own and have my own shop.

As a result of this friendship, the self-development training I received from GYCO and my love for fashion, I now run my own shop with two employees. My brand is growing each and every day. At GYCO, I was taught to write down my goals, focus on them and work towards the desired results and outcomes, amongst other skills.
Thanks to GYCO, I also train interested individuals who are into fashion for a small fee. I intend to use my fashion brand to create eco-friendly fashion products by producing my own prints without harming the environment. I will also train those people who come to the shop on how to produce their own eco-friendly prints and designs.

Coach Miglena with one of Sharon`s dresses

Alwi Thomas Vava

Talent and Art Manager - GYCO
Initially, I was doing my art work just to earn a living, mostly to feed myself by making paintings that appeal to tourists. However, when I joined GYCO Academy, I defined my goals and got myself an accountability partner, who enabled me to stay focused. Through mentoring from International coaches and art experts at GYCO Academy, I am able to participate in the YAA Young Art Auction in Vienna Austria, where I now have clients including in the United Kingdom and beyond. Furthermore, GYCO Academy provides me with a platform where I can carry out community outreach programs, where I am able to meet and inspire other youth from the post-war region of Northern Uganda, and who are passionate about art. I continue to perform at bigger events in Uganda, for instance at Knowledge City Kampala conferences, East Africa’s Got Talent and many others.

I am so happy and grateful since earnings from my paintings and performances have enabled me to get bigger studio space in Gulu Town, pay for the education of my siblings, and live in line with my goals, dreams, wishes and aspirations.

Lastly, I strongly believe that with a positive mindset, everything is possible. For more information, kindly contact my manager, Mr. Edward Otika (+256775284429).

Akello Brenda

Social Media Manager - GYCO
A football player with the GYCO Academy Girls Soccer Club: My name is Akello Brenda, I am 21 years old and I am a third-year student of Gulu University pursuing Bachelors of Science in Food and Agribusiness. I love sports so much and I am so passionate about them, especially when it comes to football. Most people see football as a game for males, not females, due to cultural beliefs. But to me, it’s a talent and a game that helps improve health and prevent certain illnesses, as it is a form of exercise.

I used to play for pleasure as others do but did not have a reason as to why I always play. When I joined the GYCO Academy Girls Soccer Club, everything changed for me because at GYCO Academy, you not only discover your talent but also other hidden potential within you. Through the goal setting sessions and personal development training, I have gained self-confidence, improved on my leadership skills, public speaking skills and I am living the life I deserve to live. In short, I am becoming the best version of myself.

Above all, as the Team Captain of the GYCO Academy Girls Soccer Club, I am so grateful to Global Youth Conference (GYCO) Academy, and the GYCO Academy staff for dedicating their time and efforts in training, motivating and guiding us to work hard towards achieving our dreams. I also would like to express my appreciation to them for establishing the soccer club, which has greatly improved the lives of so many girls who have a passion for playing football but are not usually given the chance to express themselves. The soccer club has helped us to gain confidence and develop football skills. Through the soccer club, we have also improved our health and fitness, learned the importance of teamwork and above all, self-love, discipline and unity.

I encourage other girls to join the GYCO Academy Girls Soccer Club because the club is like a family where everyone is encouraged to pursue their dreams and live up to their full potential. GYCO Academy Girls Soccer Club is the place to be if you want to boost your confidence and become a better person.