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Founder and President

Louise Deininger

Vienna-based conceptual artist Louise created the idea for GYCO Academy after filming DNA of War. Since then, she has worked tirelessly – together with local development experts and affected youth in Gulu, Northern Uganda, and a dedicated team of professionals in Vienna, Austria – to realise her vision: transforming the mindset of young people and breaking the vicious cycle of economic dependency and cultural decline through self development; building an empowered youth for a more sustainable, positive and peaceful society.

GYCO Vision

By building a broad network of local youth organisations, government agencies? and other key stakeholders, GYCO Academy works together with African youth from post-conflict societies to develop and strengthen their diverse individual and collective interests. Our vision is to unlock the full potential of young adults affected by the aftermath of war in Northern Uganda.

GYCO Mission

With our cooperation partners, we organise transformational conferences and workshops through which youth is encouraged to voice and advance their social, economic and political interests, as well as recognize available opportunities towards their development, growth and success. By setting up spaces of dialogue, influence and action, our mission is to create a lasting impulse for change.

We are talking about a conflict of 20 years with LRA ... There was a lot of alcohol and drug abuse, young girls being pregnant really early, about 38 percent domestic violence and so it was more of a calling to take part in intervention for me.