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When I shot interviews for my film "The DNA of War" in Gulu, Northern Uganda in 2016, I had no idea which journey I was going on. I was very moved by the stories these young adults old me especially about their painful experiences during the LRA civil war, but also about their will to take their lives into their own hands. The idea of the GYCO - Global Youth Conference was born, where the young people get inspiration and motivation. A conference became an academy, today we offer courses for personal development, leadership and business management, talented artists present themselves at exhibitions in Austria and the GYCO team is trained by coaches from Erickson International. And last but not least, we now have our own girls' soccer team! Our goal: to establish an Art & Education Center for the youth in Northern Uganda and support them in starting their own business and being financially independent. And thus lay the foundation for a secure future.

In order for us to be able to implement this, we need your support - the annual costs for the trainings, premises, trainers, maintenance etc. amount to 50,000 euros. We hope for your commitment, so that we can continue to empower the young people in Gulu, post - war, Northern Uganda, region. This is an important starting aid for a financially independent life. On behalf of the youth in Northern Uganda, I would like to thank you very much for your generous donation and wish you all the best.

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Louise Deininger
Founder and President, GYCO

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Bank: BAWAG P.S.K.
Account: Verein GYCO
IBAN: AT70 1400 0014 10847899

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